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Banjo Type

Banjo Flow Regulators (Pneumatic) (4mm - 12mm)

This category offers versatile banjo type flow regulators for precise airflow control in pneumatic systems, particularly for regulating flow to pneumatic actuators (cylinders).

  • Sizes:

    • Thread sizes: M5 - 1/2 inch BSP
    • Push-in fittings: 4mm - 12mm
  • Features:

    • Easy installation: Threaded body and banjo fitting for flexible tubing connection.
    • Regulating Out: Designed to control flow exiting the regulator.
    • Adjustment:
      • Thumb screw for easy adjustments.
      • Screwdriver slot for finer control and added tamper protection. The screwdriver requirement discourages unauthorized adjustments, especially important for concealed regulators where visual monitoring is difficult.

Banjo type regulators offer a convenient and adjustable solution for controlling the speed of pneumatic actuators, with the screwdriver adjustment providing a layer of tamper protection in concealed applications. Browse the selection to find the specific size, adjustment type, and brand that meets your pneumatic application needs.