Galvanised Tube & Accessories

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Handrail Clamp Fitting Accessories including tools, Allen keys, hex keys and tape measures. For tube enquiries, please contact the office. We can offer competitive prices throughout the UK to meet your requirements, including full bundles of tube:
Size 1 tubing - 26.9 (127 lengths)
Size 2 tubing - 33.7 (91 lengths)
Size 3 tubing - 42.4 (61 lengths)
Size 4 tubing - 48.3 (61 lengths)
Size 5 tubing 60.3 (37 lengths)
Our transport provider can deliver tube via a normal flat-bed truck or Hiab for locations that don't have offloading facilities. You can also collect directly from our warehouse in Droitwich and other sites in the UK. Please call 07970 710408 to discuss.