Workshop & Tools

Workshop and Tools

Hose Reels – GP Air & Water Hose Reels, Jamec Hose Reels, Redashe Hose Reels. Redashe Reels are our most comprehensive and popular range of retractable reels and hose reels for air, water, gas, diesel, oil, electric and safety barrier reels. GP Reels are our affordable range and come in open frame (15 & 20 m) and closed case (9 & 20m) versions.

Tubing – Ducting & Hose, Flexible Tube & Hose (Polyurethane Tube, Compressed Air Hose, Braided Hose, Oil & Air Hose, Compact Recoil Hoses, PTFE Tubing, Rubber Hose), Rigid Tubing (Seamless Tube, Bundy Tubing, Copper Tube, Copper Tubing Coils)

Tygris Products - Anti-Seize Compounds, Cleaning Products, Industrial Greases & Oils, Lubricating Products, Maintenance Products, Paint Products, Protection Products

Air & Hand Tools - Twin Hammer Impact Wrench, Air Die Grinder, Grease Guns, Socket Sets, Spanners