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Quick Buy Handrail Q-Clamp

Quick Buy Handrail Size 1 (26.9)

£1.45 (Inc £1.74)

Quick Buy Handrail Size 2 (33.7)

£1.70 (Inc £2.04)

Quick Buy Handrail Size 3 (42.4)

£2.30 (Inc £2.76)

Quick Buy Handrail Size 4 (48.3)

£3.15 (Inc £3.78)

Handrail Clamp Fittings by Size

Quick buy handrail in all sizes. Order your Q-Clamp fittings by size here.  If you know what you are looking for in a particular size, this is the easiest quick buy handrail clamp fittings option. Each category has all the available products (standard, slope, swivel and special) in the specific size group (1 - 5).  There are a multitude of uses for Q-Clamp handrail whether it be within industrial furniture, handrail sections, DDA Access or scaffolding options.  This page allows you to order all the handrail you require in your chosen handrail clamp fitting size.

Size 1 - Size A - 26.9mm OD also known as 3/4" NB - Often used to make furniture

Size 2 - Size B - 33.7mm OD also known as 1" NB - A popular size for furniture too, mainly shelving etc

Size 3 - Size C - 42.4mm OD also known as 1 1/4" NB - Popular for smaller handrail sections

Size 4 - Size D - 48.3mm OD also known as 1 1/2" NB - standard scaffolding size - most popular for handrails

Size 5 - Size E - 60.3mm OD also known a 2" NB - Not a very popular size

We also offer self-coloured fittings which are particularly popular for indoor furniture due to them giving a clean industrial finish.  Self-coloured fittings are more suited for internal furniture due to them not having the protection of a galvanised surface.  However, they are perfect for powder coating options and are up to 3% cheaper than the galvanised fittings. 

As we use an optimised stock control system, we believe we offer the most competitively priced Q Clamp handrail fittings in Great Britain.  If you buy the following brands or similar in higher quantities and/or regularly please contact us on 01484 860920 for a competitive quote:






Alvin Keyclamp