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Handrail Clamp Fittings By Type

Q-Clamp handrail fittings offer a versatile and efficient solution for constructing secure and reliable handrails on stairs, ramps, balconies, and other structures. Made from high-quality, pre-galvanized malleable iron, these fittings provide exceptional strength and long-lasting durability, even in harsh outdoor environments.

Key features:

  • Quick and easy installation: Simple clamp-on design eliminates the need for welding or threading, making assembly a breeze.
  • Adaptable and versatile: Wide range of fittings cater to various angles, bends, and connections, allowing you to create complex handrail configurations with ease.
  • Strong and secure: Malleable iron construction with a galvanized finish ensures robust support and corrosion resistance.
  • Cost-effective: Competitive pricing compared to other handrail systems makes Q-Clamps a budget-friendly choice.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: Clean lines and sleek design complement a variety of architectural styles.


  • Residential interiors: Stairs, balconies, decks, lofts, bathrooms
  • Commercial buildings: Office stairs, walkways, ramps, retail interiors
  • Industrial settings: Warehouses, factories, platforms, machinery guards
  • Public spaces: Schools, hospitals, parks, sports facilities


  • Safe and secure: Reliable connections ensure user safety and peace of mind.
  • DIY-friendly: Easy installation allows for self-assembly without specialized skills.
  • Time-saving: Quick assembly leads to reduced project completion times.
  • Low maintenance: Galvanized finish minimizes upkeep and rusting.
  • Flexible and customizable: Adaptable to any layout or design requirement.

Overall, Q-Clamp handrail fittings offer a practical and versatile solution for building high-quality, long-lasting handrails in various settings.

Whatever your purpose, the information provided on this website should enable you to easily determine which Qclamp® fitting suits your needs. The information and guidelines provided here are given only as guidance. The ultimate responsibility for selecting the correct fitting and size for any application is that of the user.  The user must also ensure that any structure is of sufficient strength to support the weight of the Qclamp® fittings and tube in addition to any applied load.