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Workshop & Tools

Workshop and Tools

Hose Reels & Tubing - Hose Reels: Economy GP Air & Water Hose Reels, Redashe Hose Reels, Jamec Hose Reels and CEJN Hose Reels. Redashe Hose Reels are our most comprehensive and popular range of retractable reels and hose reels for air, water, gas, diesel, oil, electric and safety barrier reels. GP Reels are our affordable range and come in open frame (15 & 20 m) and closed case (9 & 20m) versions.

Hose Reels & Tubing - Tubing: Blow Guns & Water Guns (Redashe, Total, WG-900KIT Wonder Gun Kit, Water Dispenser RF104, Blow Vac BV22 Vacuum Kit), Ducting & Hose, Flexible Tube & Hose (Polyurethane Tube, Compressed Air Hose, Braided Hose, Oil & Air Hose, Compact Recoil Hoses, PTFE Tubing, Rubber Hose), Rigid Tubing (Seamless Tube, Bundy Tubing, Copper Tube, Copper Tubing Coils), Nylon Tubing 100 metre rolls, Nylon Tube 30 metre rolls, Quick Buy Nylon Tube/PA12/pneumatic pipe.

Air & Hand Tools - twin hammer impact wrench, air die grinder, grease guns, socket sets, spanners HYTEK 12v Steel Case Diesel Pump Kit.

Cleaning Products - absorbent mats & rolls, wipes, solvent and electronics cleaner, mould and tool cleaner, dashboard renovator, carburettor cleaner, brake and clutch cleaner, engine degreaser, industrial cleaner, glass and mirror cleaner, air freshener, anti-static foaming cleaner, graffiti remover, stainless steel cleaner, upholstery cleaner, chewing gum remover, sticky label remover, dashboard cleaner.

Handrail Fittings Accessories - grub screw, allen keys, hex keys, hacksaw, files set, tape measures, drill bits sets, hole saws, spirit levels and Handrail Standards.

Lubricating Products - metal working spray, graphited penetrating oil, clear fine oil, anti-rust agent, cutting and tapping fluid, belt dressing anti slip, open gear lubricator, white grease with PTFE, chain lubricant, drive and bearing lubricant, silicone grease, anti-seize, motorcycle chain wax.

Maintenance Products - ceramic release spray, weld spatter release spray, leak detector, circuit freezer spray.

Paint Products - line marking paint, matt paint, satin paint, gloss paint, primer paint, black, white, blue, green, orange, red, yellow, grey.

Protection Products - green mould protector, blue peelable protector, battery terminal protector, green moisture guard, anti-seize, moly lithium grease, EP2 lithium grease, synthetic high temperature grease, silicone paste, very high-temp grease, blue lithium complex grease.