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Flexible & Rigid Tube

Flexible and Rigid Tube

Ducting & Hose:
  • Ducting: Used for ventilation and dust extraction. Shelley Automation offers a variety of ducting options, including flexible ducting, rigid ducting, and spiral ducting.
  • Hose: Used for conveying liquids and gases. Shelley Automation offers a variety of hoses, including air hoses, water hoses, and hydraulic hoses.
Flexible Tube & Hose:
  • Nylon Tubing: The most popular type of tubing offered by Shelley Automation, nylon tubing is available in semi-rigid or flexible form. It is heat and light stabilized and comes in a variety of colours.
  • Polythene Tubing: A low-cost, low-pressure alternative to nylon tubing, polythene tubing is available in low, medium, and high-density options.
  • Reinforced PVC Braided Hose: Offers excellent resistance to abrasion.
  • Other tubing options: Shelley Automation also supplies polyurethane, rubber hose, oxygen and propane hose, and PTFE tubing.
Rigid Tube & Tubing:
  • Steel Tubing: Used for high-pressure applications.
  • Copper Tubing: Used for plumbing and refrigeration applications.
  • Aluminium Tubing: Used for lightweight applications.
  • Other tubing options: Shelley Automation also supplies plastic tubing and stainless-steel tubing