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Considering the best type of pneumatic tubing for your application?

A comparison of the different pneumatic tubes available.
With continuing escalating costs and the most recent U-turn on the mini budget by Jeremy Hunt, businesses continue to suffer financial pressure in the current climate, with no clear signs of it easing from the Government as yet.
For a limited time, the following Redashe products are available on special offer at Shop4Handrail.
Our PA12 flexible nylon tube is now available on the website in the Pneumatics and Hydraulics section. We sell nylon tube in standard metric and non-standard metric sizes, as well as imperial sizes.
If you are considering reducing your waste collection costs, Shelley Automation offers UNIC Can Crushers to help you increase your capacity and reduce your carbon footprint, along with your costs.
John Guest Ringmain Speedfit Fittings are very popular in the plumbing industry as the twist and lock action contributes to unifying copper and plastic pipes. But push-fit fittings are a solid workhorse in many other areas including the automotive sector, breweries, internet delivery and water dispensers. The range is not as broad as Transair or Airnet, but Speedfit Fittings are a solid system which is used Worldwide.
If so, Interclamp FRP/GRP handrail fittings may be for you!

Due to increased popularity, we are adding FRP/GRP handrail fittings to Shop4handrail.
Contact us for additional delivery options! We are decreasing our prices for the handrail fitting listings on And we are streamlining delivery to one single option to ensure a satisfactory customer experience. Whether you wish to buy fittings in bulk or just a few, we want to create a good customer experience. And whether you are buying regular 2/3/4 sizes or the more unusual size 1 and size 5, we want a good customer experience.
We recently added ebay reviews to About Us.

We are continuing to add Shelley Automation products to So all of our products are in one easy location. Our Covid-19 section helps your business to introduce safety measures. Popular new additions are the FO-500 Ultra Low Volume Cold Fogger and Viro-Kill Super Concentrate Antiviral Fogging Disinfectant.
Protecting people in work. Trips, falls and other injuries are common in all working environments, even with health and safety regulations and procedures in place. Many workplaces, such as maintenance workshops, engineering departments and garages, utilise hoses for a range of applications. Potential safety risks are plenty.
Whilst waiting for the PM to propose his exit strategy, we know that everyone needs to honour the restrictions and social distancing guidelines to continue the fight against Coronavirus. Missing your regular routine due to Covid-19 lockdown?
When it comes to companies that have a vast range of products for their customers, there are few to compete with Shop4Handrail. Whether it is pressure gauges, hose reels, tubing or galvanised steel fittings - you can be sure that we won’t let you down.
Do you need to purchase a wall-mounted handrail bracket? For a quality supplier, visit Shop4Handrail. Established in 1997, we have accumulated more than twenty years’ worth of industry experience. No matter the size, no matter the purpose, you can be sure that we have the fitting that you require. If you want to find out any more information about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Are you looking for high-quality handrail clamp fittings? We are Shop4Handrail, an established business based in the heart of the UK. We have an extensive range of products that allow our customers to create a structure for whatever project they desire. We supply handrail fittings to the domestic, industrial and commercial sectors.
If you are seeking a handrail fittings supplier, Shop4Handrail offers a variety of tubular structures and fittings to create your chosen project. Whether you are in the domestic, industrial, or commercial sector, we are happy to help you make the right purchase. We aim to be valued for the quality of support we offer to our customers.