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Pneumax Mechanical 1/8 Valves 5/2

Pneumax Series 200 Tappet - Spring

£22.75 (Inc £27.30)

Pneumax 5/2 Mechanical Valves 1/8": Overview and Options

Pneumax offers a variety of 5/2 mechanical valves, which control the flow of compressed air in pneumatic systems using mechanical actuation instead of electrical solenoids. These valves have five ports and two positions, making them suitable for various applications requiring double-acting cylinders or other actuators.

Here's an overview of Pneumax 5/2 mechanical valves:


  • Spring-return: The valve returns to its initial position by a spring when the pilot pressure is removed.
  • Air-to-air: Both valve positions are controlled by separate pilot air pressures.


  • Port sizes typically range from 1/8" to 1/2" BSP or NPT.


  • Compact and lightweight designs.
  • Durable construction with metal bodies and NBR seals.
  • Smooth and reliable operation.
  • Available with various mounting options.

Popular Series:

  • Series 200: Pneumatic-spring or pneumatic-pneumatic actuation, 1/2" port size, ideal for general purpose applications.
  • Series 212: Similar to Series 200, but with a 3/2 option and 1/8" pilot port.
  • Series T228: Technopolymer body for lightweight and cost-effective option, 1/8" connections, pneumatic-spring or pneumatic-pneumatic actuation.


  • Control of double-acting cylinders in pneumatic circuits.
  • Directional control of air flow in various machines and tools.
  • Material handling and packaging equipment.
  • Textile and printing industry applications.
  • Medical and laboratory equipment.

Choosing the Right Valve:

To select the right Pneumax 5/2 mechanical valve, consider these factors:

  • Required flow rate and pressure.
  • Mounting space and configuration.
  • Type of actuation (spring-return or air-to-air).
  • Pilot pressure requirements.
  • Application and operating environment.