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Condensate Management

Norgren 6000-50 Autodrain Unit

£50.10 (Inc £60.12)

Titan Electronic Timer Drain Valve G1/2" 30 Bar TVR-G-15

£37.75 (Inc £45.30)
Out Of Stock

Titan Zero Loss Electric Drain - 106cfm Capacity TZLD100

£125.40 (Inc £150.48)
Out Of Stock

Titan Zero Loss Electric Drain - 350cfm Capacity TZLD300

£212.60 (Inc £255.12)
Out Of Stock

Titan Disposable Condensate Separator TCS60

£92.60 (Inc £111.12)
Out Of Stock

It is important to take proper care of your air compressor to extend its life and ensure it is working at optimum efficiency.  Draining your air receiver with electronic timer drain units such as the TVR-C-15 - as often as possible - is an important task because normal atmospheric air drawn into the compressors receiver contains water vapour. When the air is then compressed the water vapour condensates and collects as moisture in the receiver. The moisture will then build up, so should be removed in order to prevent damage from weakening your air receiver.

The TVR-C-15 provides you with a simple solution to draining your air receiver (tank).  It is easy to set (either open or closed) and comes 1/2" BSP, with strainer included.  Prices from 21 plus VAT, including free delivery.

We also offer the Norgren Interchangeable Autodrain Unit 3000-97 style.  Suits Norgren  F13, F15, F64, F68 and B prefixed filter regulator units
The Titan range of condensate management products:

Zero loss drains - TVR20B
Electronic timer drain units - TVR-C-15 & TVR-G-15
Zero loss electronic drain - TZLD100 & TZLD333
Condensate separators  - TCS60 & TCS100