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Air Preparation

Shelley Automation: Keeping Your Air Clean, Safe, and Precise 

Shelley Automation understands the importance of clean, safe, and properly pressurized air for the smooth operation of your pneumatic systems. That's why they offer a vast range of air preparation equipment, dump valves, and other air management solutions for a variety of applications and thread sizes (M5 to 2" BSP).

Air Preparation:

  • Filters: Protect your equipment from harmful contaminants like dust, moisture, and oil with a variety of filter options, including coalescing filters, particulate filters, and microfilters.
  • Regulators: Ensure precise and consistent air pressure with pressure regulators, offering high flow capacities and fine-tuning control.
  • Lubricators: Extend the life of your pneumatic components with automatic lubricators that deliver a precise amount of oil to reduce friction and wear.
  • Drain Traps: Eliminate condensate buildup with automatic drain traps to prevent corrosion and maintain optimal system performance.
  • Electronic Drain Valves : TVR series 1/2" ported with varios voltages.

Dump Valves:

  • Quick Exhaust Valves: Rapidly release air pressure from cylinders or actuators to improve cycle times and enhance machine safety.
  • Pilot-Operated Valves: Control air flow remotely with pilot-operated dump valves for greater flexibility and automation.
  • Safety Relief Valves: Protect your system from overpressure situations with reliable safety relief valves that vent excess air to prevent damage.

Additional Products:

  • Gauges and Indicators: Monitor air pressure and system status with a variety of pressure gauges, vacuum gauges, and flow meters.
  • Tubing and Fittings: Connect your air components with a comprehensive selection of tubing and fittings in various materials and sizes.
  • Air Dryers: Achieve drier air for sensitive applications with desiccant or refrigerated air dryers.

Benefits of Choosing Shelley Automation:

  • Extensive product range: Find the perfect solution for your specific air preparation and management needs.
  • High-quality components: Trust in reliable and durable products from leading manufacturers.
  • Technical expertise: Benefit from Shelley Automation's team of experienced engineers and advisors.
  • Competitive pricing: Enjoy value for money with competitive prices and bulk discounts.
  • Fast delivery: Get your equipment quickly with same-day dispatch for a wide range of products.


With Shelley Automation, you can rest assured that your air system is operating optimally, keeping your equipment safe, productive, and efficient.

We supply air preparation equipment from the following manufacturers: