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Pressure Boosters

Pneumax 63mm Pressure Booster - 1763.80.NR

£435.75 (Inc £522.90)

Pneumax 100mm Pressure Booster 17100.125.NR

£848.45 (Inc £1018.14)

Pneumax P+ Pressure Booster 40mm With Gauge

£253.85 (Inc £304.62)

Pneumax 40mm Pressure Booster - 1740.50.NR

£245.20 (Inc £294.24)

Pneumax 40mm Pressure Booster - 1740.50.N

£221.70 (Inc £266.04)

Pneumax 63mm Pressure Booster 1763.80.N

£388.90 (Inc £466.68)

Pneumax 100mm Pressure Booster 17100.125.N

£810.40 (Inc £972.48)

The Pneumax range of 2:1 ratio pressure boosters

Some applications the thrust generated by a pneumatic cylinder is not sufficient for the specific purpose it has been designed for. In order to alleviate this problem, the working pressure may be increased to a maximum line pressure which normally is 6 - 7 bar, alternatively the problem is solved by an higher bore cylinder that suits the machine.

We have 3 sizes of  pressure boosters, with pressure ratio of  2 - 1, have been designed to avoid these problems. This device is utilising the compressed air of the circuit where it is installed.

40mm - 1740.50.NR - 1/8" Connection
63mm - 1763.80.NR - 3/8" Connection
100mm 17100.125.NR - 1/2" Connection