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Semi Rigid Nylon Tube

Semi Rigid Nylon NYSR

£11.00 (Inc £13.20)
Semi-rigid nylon tube is a specific type of nylon tubing that offers a unique blend of flexibility and rigidity. Semi-rigid nylon tube is not as bendy as flexible nylon tube, but not as stiff as rigid pipe. This makes it ideal for applications requiring tubing that can hold its shape under pressure or against external forces, but also needs to be able to bend around corners or conform to irregular surfaces.
Semi rigid nylon tube also has a higher working temperature (-40 to +130) compared to normal flexible nylon (-40 to +80) and a higher working pressure of around 20%.
Here are some key characteristics of semi-rigid nylon tube:
  • Typically made from nylon 12, which offers excellent chemical resistance, weathering resistance, and lower water absorption compared to nylon 6.
  • Lightweight and flexible: Easier to handle and install compared to rigid pipe.
  • Good chemical resistance: Can handle a wide range of fluids and chemicals.
  • Durable: Resistant to crushing, cracking, abrasion, and work hardening.
  • Excellent mechanical strength: Can withstand high pressures and bending forces.
  • Good bend radii: Can be bent around corners without kinking or breaking.
  • Heat and light stabilised: Suitable for use in various temperature conditions.
  • Pneumatic systems: Conveying air, CO2, and other gases in machinery and tools.
  • Fluid transfer: Transporting liquids like water, oil, and coolants.
  • Fuel lines: Used in some automotive and lawn equipment applications.
  • Instrumentation and control systems: Protecting electrical wires and cables.
  • Food and beverage industry: Conveying food-grade liquids in specific applications.
Semi-rigid nylon tube come in various sizes, diameters, and wall thicknesses to suit different needs. We currently offer it in black and natural.  Please contact us if you require other colours.