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ISO 6432 Mini Cylinders

Our range of ISO 6432 cylinders from EMC and Pneumax.  The sizes range from 8mm bore to 32mm bore and from 10mm stroke up to 150mm stroke.  We offer these in double acting (rubber buffer cushion and air cushioned) and single acting (spring return).  Sprung out versions are also available, please contact us with any queries on 01484 860920.  The ISO 6432 cylinders are interchangeable with all major manufacturers.  Please see below for examples of interchangeable part numbers:  

Double Acting Rubber Cushioned - IA20X25-S (based on 20 x 25 cylinder) 

Norgren RM/8020/M/25, Festo DSNU2025PPV, SMC CD85N20-25, Metalwork 1130200025CP, Camozzi 23N2A20A25

Double Acting Air Cushioned - IAC25X50-S (based on 25 x 50 cylinder)

Norgren RM/8026/M/50, Festo DSNU2550PPV-A, SMC CD85N25-50C, Metalwork 1130250050CA, Camozzi 23N2A25A50

Single Acting Spring Return - IASB16X25-S (based on 16 x 25 cylinder) 

Norgren RM/28016/M/25, Festo ESNU-16-25-P-A, SMC CD85N16-25S-B, Metalwork 1010160025CP, Camozzi 24N2A16A25