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Pneumax Mechanical 1/4" Valves 3/2

Pneumax Tappet Panel Spring

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Pneumax Lever Roller Spring

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Push Button - Spring

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Push Button 2 Positions 224.32.8

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Pneumax Mechanical 1/4" Valves 3/2

Pneumax Mechanical 1/4" Valves 3/2 are pneumatic directional control valves with a pipe size of 1/4 inch and a 3/2 spool design.

  • Directional Control Valve: the valve controls the direction of airflow in a pneumatic system.
  • Pipe Size: the pipe size is 1/4 inch, which refers to the diameter of the pipe the valve can be connected to.
  • 3/2 Spool Design: the valve spool has 3 positions and 2 exhaust positions.
    • 3 Spool Positions:
      • Center Position: In this position, the flow path between the inlet and outlet is blocked, and both outlets are exhausted.
      • Position 1: The spool connects the inlet to one of the outlets, and the other outlet is exhausted.
      • Position 2: The spool connects the inlet to the other outlet, and the first outlet is exhausted.
    • 2 Exhaust Positions: the two exhaust ports allow for exhausting air from either direction depending on the spool position.

Pneumax offers a series of 224 Mechanical Pneumatic Valves that come in 3/2 and 5/2 versions, with 1/4" working ports. These valves are available in two actuation options:

  • Pneumatic-Spring: This option uses an air pilot signal to move the spool and a spring to return it to the center position. It's similar to a solenoid valve but uses compressed air instead of electricity for actuation.
  • Pneumatic-Pneumatic: This option uses air pilot signals to both move and return the spool position.