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Quick Exhaust Valves

Pneumax Quick Exhaust Valves

£12.23 (Inc £14.68)

Aignep Quick Exhaust Valves 6050

£4.60 (Inc £5.52)

Norgen Quick Exhaust Valve T70 Series

£22.81 (Inc £27.37)

Quick exhaust valves offer several key benefits for pneumatic systems

Increased Speed and Cycle Time:

  • The main advantage is dramatically faster cylinder retraction or extension by rapidly venting exhaust air directly to the atmosphere, bypassing the slower route through the control valve. This significantly reduces cycle times, boosting machine productivity and throughput.

Improved Efficiency and Energy Savings:

  • Faster cycles translate to less time consuming air consumption, leading to reduced energy costs and overall operational efficiency. Additionally, venting directly to atmosphere eliminates the need for additional exhaust piping, simplifying the system and potentially saving on material and installation costs.

Enhanced Safety and Control:

  • Quick exhaust valves can contribute to safety by enabling rapid de-energization of pneumatic actuators in emergency situations. They also allow for more precise control over cylinder movement, especially in applications requiring accurate positioning or synchronization.

Reduced Noise Levels:

  • While rapid exhaust can create noise, using silencers with the valves significantly reduces it, providing a quieter working environment and improving operator comfort. Additionally, faster cycles can minimize the overall time your system generates noise, further contributing to a quieter workspace.

Simplified System Design:

  • Quick exhaust valves eliminate the need for separate exhaust lines and components, simplifying system design and reducing installation complexity. This can benefit both space-constrained applications and situations requiring faster setup and maintenance.

Versatility and Compatibility:

  • Quick exhaust valves come in various sizes and thread options, making them compatible with diverse pneumatic cylinders and systems. This versatility allows for easy integration into existing setups or new designs.

Overall, quick exhaust valves offer a powerful combination of performance, efficiency, and safety benefits for pneumatic systems. They can significantly improve cycle times, reduce energy consumption, enhance control, and contribute to a quieter and safer working environment.

To determine if quick exhaust valves are right for your specific application, consider factors like:

  • Desired cycle time improvement: How much faster do you need your cylinders to move?
  • Space constraints: Are space limitations a concern for additional exhaust piping?
  • Noise sensitivity: Is noise reduction a priority in your workspace?
  • Budget: Can the potential energy savings and improved performance justify the additional cost of the valves?

By carefully evaluating your needs and choosing the right valves for your system, you can reap the numerous benefits that quick exhaust valves offer for your pneumatic system.