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Unic Products

Unic - UPS9000 - Can Shaker

£324.20 (Inc £389.04)

Unic - UPB-45 Paper Compactor

£1970.65 (Inc £2364.78)

Unic - UPCW-6 Can Washer

£2711.35 (Inc £3253.62)

Unic Recycling Solutions: The Perfect Complement to Your UCC and UCA Can Crusher Series

Unic offers a range of new products that seamlessly integrate with your existing UCC and UCA can crushers, helping you optimise your recycling program!

New Unic Products:

  • UPS9000 Paint Can Shaker: Ensure a thorough mix of your paint before use with the UPS9000. This shaker efficiently agitates paint cans, guaranteeing consistent color and optimal performance. By properly mixing paint, you can minimise waste and achieve better results.
  • UPB-45 Paper Compactor: Reduce the volume of your paper waste by up to 75% with this powerful compactor, minimising storage space required and streamlining transportation.
  • UPCW-6 Paint Can Washer: This innovative washer efficiently removes paint residue from cans, allowing them to be recycled instead of being landfilled.