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Air Receivers

Mounting Brackets

£14.96 (Inc £17.95)


£4.48 (Inc £5.38)

1/2" Drain Valve

£9.69 (Inc £11.63)
The Air Receiver Mini 11 bar 0.5 - 100 litres is a small, compressed air storage tank that is used to collect and store compressed air from an air compressor. It is typically used in pneumatic systems to provide a surge of compressed air, dampen pressure fluctuations, and remove condensate from the compressed air.  Maximum pressure rating of 11 bar (160 psi), capacity range 0.5 to 100 litres. Made of steel. PED compliant (meets the Pressure Equipment Directive- PED- of the European Union). The PED safety directive sets out the essential safety requirements for the design, manufacture, and conformity assessment of pressure equipment.
Mounting Brackets: used to secure the air receiver to a wall or other surface.
Fittings: used to connect the air receiver to the air compressor, piping, and other equipment.
1/2" Drain Valves: used to drain condensate (water) from the air receiver. It is important to drain the condensate regularly to prevent it from building up and causing corrosion or other problems.