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Cylinder Repair Kits

Genuine and pattern cylinder repair kits to suit all the popular brands of pneumatic cylinders in both metric and imperial bores.

Metric ISO15552

32mm - 200mm bore - ISO - KELM - Norgren - Festo - SMC - Pneumax - Midman

2" - 14" - Norgen heavy duty

Cylinder repair kits are sets of parts used to fix or rebuild cylinders in various machinery and equipment. The specific components of a kit will vary depending on the type of cylinder and the nature of the problem. However, the following parts are regularly included in cylinder repair kits:

  • Seals: These are the most crucial components of a cylinder, as they create a tight seal between the moving parts and prevent leaks. Cylinder repair kits typically include replacement seals for all the critical sealing points in the cylinder.
  • O-rings: These are ring-shaped gaskets that sit in grooves between parts to create a seal. They are often used in conjunction with other seals to provide additional leak protection.
  • Gaskets: These are flat sheets of material that are placed between surfaces to create a seal. They are commonly used in static applications, such as between the cylinder head and body.
  • Piston rings: These are rings that fit around the piston to create a seal between the piston and the cylinder bore. They are typically used in hydraulic cylinders.
  • Wear rings: These are rings that are installed on the piston rod to protect it from wear and tear. They are commonly used in pneumatic cylinders.
  • Rod seals: These are seals that are installed on the piston rod to prevent leaks where the rod exits the cylinder.
  • Snap rings: These are rings that are used to secure parts in place. They are often used to hold piston rings and wear rings in their grooves.
  • Retainers: These are clips or rings that are used to hold parts in place. They are often used to secure bearings and other components.
In addition to these parts, some cylinder repair kits may also include instructions, tools, and lubricants.
When choosing a cylinder repair kit, it is important to consider the following factors:
  • The type of cylinder: There are many different types of cylinders, including hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic cylinders, and telescopic cylinders. Each type of cylinder has its own unique design and repair requirements.
  • The brand of the cylinder: Different brands of cylinders may have different specifications and require different parts.
  • The nature of the problem: The specific parts you need will depend on the problem you are trying to fix.
  • Your budget: Cylinder repair kits can range in price from a few to hundreds of pounds.